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Control Mosquitoes, Enjoy Your Yard

Finally, you have the opportunity to take back your yard and enjoy it—without worry. G-Man installs and maintains fully-automated insect misting systems, tailored for your home, that eliminate mosquitoes and other potentially harmful insects.

Does our system actually work? Yes—it works so well that we guarantee it.

The G-Man System—A Permanent Solution

The G-Man Misting System is the ultimate permanent solution to outdoor pest control. Our fully-automated system mists two to four times daily for 20-50 seconds, effectively controlling mosquitoes and other annoying insects from your yard. The system is comprised of a fully digital controller, pump, reservoir, and tubing that connects a series of specially engineered fine misting nozzles.
Once the system is permanently installed, it mists an botanical pyrethrum solution that creates a Zone of Protection; eliminating mosquitoes and other biting insects from your yard, pool-decks, gazebos, patios, and other outdoor areas.
The first step is our initial meeting. To optimize the effectiveness of your system we learn how you use your outdoor space; and evaluate the current mosquito habitat in your yard. Next, our trained staff combines your input with our analysis to create a custom system that best suits your family’s lifestyle. Once the system is installed, G-Man handles all refills and service so you can enjoy your yard free from mosquitoes. At G-Man, we take mosquito control seriously. G-Man is fully insured and licensed by the Department of Agriculture as a Certified Pesticide Applicator.

Our Installation—Virtually Invisible

G-Man’s trained installation team will execute the plan designed for your home, working with your existing architectural and landscape features to create a comprehensive system that often goes unnoticed. Our professionals are always careful to preserve the beauty of your home. Each G-Man team member is fully trained and certified in our exacting installation standards and techniques. While it is not always possible to completely conceal every element of the installation, it is our goal to make each installation an invisible and complete solution for controlling mosquitoes.

The fully-automated G-Man Misting System is installed, programmed, and activated by a licensed G-Man professional. The ongoing operation of the system is primarily hands-free. Misting cycles are always available “on demand” using an optional, handheld remote control.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality installation and professional service, and we use only the best equipment, designed for a lifetime of use.

G-Mans Service—An Industry Best

Assuring your yard stays mosquito-free does not stop with the installation. We understand that the most important part of our commitment to you is our ongoing service. G-Man’s maintenance and service programs provide a continuous, effective, and hands-free solution for protecting your family.

Our trained service teams maintain your system throughout the season. We refill the reservoir, inspect the system, and adjust the programming as necessary for the continued enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Additionally, in certain climates, we provide system winterization and reactivation as part of the G-Man Maintenance Program. Rest assured, G-Man service teams will make sure your system will always be working properly, day or night, for a lifetime.

Our Guarantee—Unconditional

G-Man Misting is confident in offering you a 100% money- back guarantee because our systems truly work. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied within the first 90 days of in-season operation; we will either solve the problem to your satisfaction, or we will remove the system and refund your full system and installation cost! Plus, we offer a Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty for systems with the G-Man Maintenance Program.*

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